About Me

I am living proof that Music gets into your blood and stays there ! When I was a lot younger than I am now I was in bands playing original music that, back then, was influenced by some of the rock n roll giants of the time like Led Zep , the Eagles, Genesis et al.

But, as we all know , it is a hard life playing in bands and it gets even harder when your kids come along and the need to earn a real living gathers pace . The band(s) fell by the wayside and the real world took over and the beloved Fender acoustic made its way to the attic and stayed there for a decade or more, until one wonderful day, I took it down ,dusted it off and was delighted to discover that it still played- and that I could still play it !

It seems that the creative urge isn’t easy to deny (thankfully!) and pretty soon a new generation of songs was coming to life… and so far they just keep coming ! The Beauty of Storms is my fifth studio album and I am becoming a familiar figure in musical venues up here in the North West!

Most of the music can be heard on this website and my focus nowadays is on collaborating with other performers and writers here in the North of England and in just experiencing the sheer joy of sharing music with the world for no other reason than because I can !

In the recent past I have met many new friends through musical connections and the sheer number of hugely talented individuals out there amazes and cheers me .

I hope that you like the music and the videos. Feel free to pass them on or send others to this site to see and hear them. I will keep everyone informed of my future developments in the area and will happily welcome any ideas, suggestions , advice, criticism, praise, damnation, co-operation or just plain comment !

I hope to see any fans , doubters ,friends and fellow musicians out there in the big wide world in the near future.