2020 update.

Well, hasn’t it been an interesting year so far? Covid has put a stop to what was going to be a very busy musical summer for me and thousands of other musicians . All the local festivals are cancelled and there are no pub gigs to play! Its very sad and lets hope it changes soon .

However, I did manage to record my new EP “The Beauty of Storms ” just before lock down …phew! Thanks to Orchard studios and all the musicians who helped me. I’m very pleased with it and I hope you enjoy it too. The tracks are here on the site.

Meanwhile , lockdown has made me very busy on the song-writing front and I have created enough new material for another spell in the studio later in the year … hopefully !

Stay well everyone and I hope you enjoy the songs !

Onwards and upwards!

April 2018 and here’s the latest!

My EP “The Fall of the Madness” will be available next week !

One of the tracks is entitled 1989 and is about walls falling down between people. That made me think of the Berlin Wall coming down in 1989 and the title comes from a quote around that time that the “The fall of the Berlin Wall was the fall of the madness ”

If I view the tracks on the EP as a journey from” A Different Man” , through “The Things That Might Have Been” , ending with the “Fall of the Madness” , I think the songs across all the albums have started to establish a clear style and approach, which I am proud of. The growing use of multi-instrumentalism and higher production values is bringing the songs closer to what I hear in my head when I write them. The challenge now is to figure out how to perform them live ,in a manner as close to what you hear on the albums as possible . Not easy , but I am making progress with added technology and the help of some friends !

I will be appearing at Chester Live and the Knutsford Festival in June ,with more dates planned .

See you soon!